Good night's sleep

DORMEO® is a full home and sleeping solutions expert brand, creating sleeping harmony with every product we have. Our story started back in 2002 with a single foam mattress. This led to a “revolution” and DORMEO® brand started changing people’s perception about sleeping habits, quickly becoming the synonym for a good and healthy night's sleep, good value for money, safe purchase and best service.

Today DORMEO® brand offers an array of high quality sleeping and living products: mattresses, toppers, pillows, duvets, beddings, living room items, bathroom accessories and is an expert for sleeping solutions with more than 300 products in its portfolio. DORMEO® brand offers a good night's sleep to more than 10 million people in Europe and is present in 40 countries from all over the world: Central and Eastern Europe, United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, Australia ...

Experience the best sleep. Enjoy the best comfort.

Each product begins and ends with the ideas and processes established by each Dormeo® team member. Whether it’s developing new products or improving current ones, our passion for high quality and performance is reflected with each product that leaves the factory. And that's why DORMEO® brand today is globally trusted sleep expert brand with millions satisfied customers and millions products sold all over the world. We make sure we offer the best quality and this is why we test our products in independent institutes and laboratories which are leaders in their field worldwide. Innovative technologies and quality materials used in DORMEO® products provide the optimal comfort and ensure healthy sleeping.

Voice of those who sleep good

Sleep is one of our basic needs. The quality of sleep affects the quality of life and this is why the wellbeing of our customers is at the core of each DORMEO® product. We are honored and happy to offer a good night’s sleep to more than 12 million people and counting. Our satisfied customers are the real spokespeople, the true ambassadors of DORMEO® brand’s vision and beliefs. Through a diverse range of channels, they share their positive feedback as brand testimonials on how DORMEO® brand has changed their sleep and their lives.

Brand History

2002 – First foam mattress produced in Italy
2004/2005 - New categories introduced: toppers, pillows and living. First DORMEO® store opened in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2007 – Development of first products with Memory foam.
2009/2010 - 15 mattress models in portfolio. Beginning of baby mattresses production. Starts selling DORMEO® products in United Kingdom through Dormeo UK
2011 - Launch of Octaspring® technology and first mattress with Octaspring® springs. Introduction of the new category: DORMEO® Furniture.
2013 - New shop concept presented: DORMEO® Home store. Overall 300+ products in DORMEO® brand portfolio.
2016 – Successful launch of Hybrid Octaspring® mattresses.
2018 - Over 8 million people in Europe sleep on Dormeo mattress or topper and DORMEO® is globally trusted brand present worldwide in 40+ countries: Central and Eastern Europe, United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, Australia ...
2019 - Dormeo® brand receives the EMMA award for Warm Hug campaign. This is already the 3rd EMMA award for Dormeo® brand (the first two were received in 2016 and 2018). Dormeo® brand launches an important educational and awareness-raising campaign "Replace your mattress after 10 years". More than 2 million pieces of Dormeo® Warm Hug set have been sold since its launch.
2020 - Dormeo® brand receives an EMMA award for the Dormeo® Sleep Day campaign. The pre-campaign phase starts on social media as “Dormeo dream job“ where people apply to get paid for sleeping (over 155.000 people from 21 countries applied for the job).