Step into comfort

Comfort, every single step of the way. WALKMAXX® brand supplies innovative and comfortable, yet affordable footwear and outwear solutions. Our mission is to bring our customers functionality, extra comfort and great style with every pair of WALKMAXX® shoes. WALKMAXX® brand brings energy to people's everyday life and inspire them to move.

Designs for all occasions and seasons

No matter the occasion or the season, WALKMAXX® brand has it all covered – from winter boots to flip-flops, all designed with care to gently support your feet on the move. When producing the shoes, WALKMAXX® brand goes with the best materials and latest technologies to ensure our costumers get the best for their feet.

Unique rounded sole

WALKMAXX® brand looks out for your feet. By training muscles, relieving the strain from the joints and improving the posture, unique WALKMAXX® rounded sole makes sure your walk will be comfortable and pain-free.

Brand History

2010 - Launch of the 1st product - WALKMAXX® Black in Hungary
2011/2012 - Extending portfolio - 15+ models and entering to other CEE markets.
2015/2016 - WALKMAXX® brand acquisition by Studio Moderna. Further portfolio extension - 50+ models.
2016 - Developing lines inside Walkmaxx® to satify specific customer needs based on their problems.
2019 - Introducing Trend line with more contemporary design and materials to keep track with market demands.